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20 Years E.O.F.T. – Coming October 2021

Dear E.O.F.T. Fans,

For the past 19 years, the EUROPEAN OUTDOOR FILM TOUR has inspired you and hundreds of thousands of others worldwide every autumn with the best outdoor and adventure films of the year. For many of you, the E.O.F.T. has long since become a must-see in the annual outdoor calendar. Every october we have celebrated a brilliant premiere followed by the tour to your city. Of the several thousand events that we have scheduled for the past two decades, only a handful of shows have been canceled – mostly due to the weather.

We had been preparing our anniversary season for a long time and full of anticipation. However, the current situation does not allow an event series of the type and size of the E.O.F.T. to take place in the next few months. With a heavy heart, we have decided that we can only celebrate the 20th anniversary of the EUROPEAN OUTDOOR FILM TOUR with you in the autumn of next year.

From October 2021 we want to share the 20th edition of the E.O.F.T., celebrate in full E.O.F.T. spirit and inspire you with a great program of impressive films, many surprises and an exciting atmosphere. We will release all new shows on until December 2020 and start the pre-sale for the new season!

Every year, the E.O.F.T. is planned and programmed by hundreds of employees and long-time tour partners with unmatched passion and full of energy - if you want to support us in making sure that this continues to be possible for the next year, get the E.O.F.T. FAN voucher!

You can easily redeem the voucher for all new shows on our ticketing platform OUTDOOR TICKET.


The team of E.O.F.T. is looking forward to welcoming you back on tour and already says THANK YOU for 20 years of outdoor and adventure!


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